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Dr. Anabelle Bugatti

A Successful, Happy, & Fulfilling Life Is Within Reach

With Expert Dr. Belle, PhD, LMFT

Meet Dr. Belle

Expert on Relationships, Healthy Emotional Living, Success, and Leadership

Dr. Belle is a well loved and well respected regular expert on love, relationships, and leadership on written media, podcasts, and radio.

Anabelle is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of Nevada, as well as a certified Emotionally Focused Therapy Supervisor and Couples Therapist. She earned her Masters degree at New York's Long Island University, CW Post, and a PhD degree from Northcentral University. She has spent the last decade helping individuals and couples around the world learn how to love better and have successful lives and relationships. She is also a well known business and executive success coach, helping therapists, entrepreneurs and leaders reach their full potential in business and relationships.

Dr. Bugatti, Expert Theapist Anabelle Bugatti

Work with Dr. Belle

Executive Consulting & Workshops.

Learn how to change your workplace culture

Learn more effective employee conflict resolution strategies

Reach Your Full Potential as a Leader or Entrepreneur. 


Book Dr. Belle to speak at your next event. Available for conferences and small events.

Choose available topics or Design your own!

Adopt a Mentally and Emotionally Healthy Lifestyle with Personal Psychotherapy

Individual & Couples Therapy. Reclaim your relationship and have the life you want

Personalized Supervision & Business Coaching for Therapists

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Reach Your Full Potential in Love, Success, and Leadership. Begin Your Journey Today.

“Dr. Belle was so professional and inspiring in her talk that she gave at our event. Her energy was rejuvenating. We will definitely have her back.”

- Las Vegas HOA Reserve Study Corporate Group Symposium

“Dr. Belle helped us better understand our employees in such a profound and helpful way. We were able to make some strategic changes that revolutionized our workplace culture based on what we learned from working with her. ”

- Jen Greer CEO

“Dr. Belle helped us save our marriage. We were on the verge of a divorce. She gave us hope. We stuck with it, did the work, and have a beautiful marriage now like we never had before.”

-  Anonymous

(Names not given to protect confidentiality)

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